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Rugged and Reliable – Viking’s E-30-IP Provides Handsfree VoIP SIP communication

HUDSON, WI – February 6, 2017 – Ideal for gates, office suites, delivery doors, weigh stations, and even your own front door, the E-30-IP entry phone is ready for action. This push button call box is a great solution for indoor or outdoor communication using a VoIP SIP platform. “So many businesses and residences were […]

Shorten Response Times with the K-2000-DVA Voice Alarm Dialer or Store Caster

HUDSON, WI – March 1, 2017 – The Viking K-2000-DVA is a programmable auto dialer and digital announcer. Easily record and store alert tones and voice announcements for on-demand play back and emergency notification. “The K-2000-DVA is a quick and easy way to deliver important messages to the right people, right away.” – Paul Speltz, […]

SIP-Enabled Loud Ringing – Viking Model SR-IP

HUDSON, WI – April 14, 2017 – Viking Electronics introduces the SR-IP, a VoIP SIP loud ringer. Quickly notify employees of incoming calls and visitors with four traditional ringing sounds and doorbell tones. “The SR-IP adds loud ringing to VoIP SIP phone systems, and being a SIP device itself means interfacing with the phone system […]

Double Gang Mount ADA Emergency Phone – Model E-1600-32A

HUDSON, WI – 5/12/2017 – Model E-1600-32A by Viking Electronics is an ADA compliant analog emergency phone. It is vandal resistant and designed to fit into a standard double gang box. This emergency phone provides architects and installers with a modern solution that has a small footprint and can be mounted just about anywhere. The […]

The Rugged E-32 Double Gang Call Box

HUDSON, WI – 5/31/2017 – The E-32 is a vandal resistant single button call box providing handsfree two-way communication for a variety of applications. “The E-32 makes a great hot-line information phone for stadiums and kiosks. Otherwise pair it with a Viking controller to create an easy door entry system. The reliable E-32 simply does […]