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Paging Horn for 70V Paging Systems

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Product Details

The 25AE-70V paging horn provide economical paging coverage for 70 Volt paging systems.

In outdoor factory or warehouse environments, 25AE-70V paging horns are the best method of producing understandable sound. In these environments the directional design allows the installer to focus the sound cone down aisles and toward work areas.

The 25AE-70V paging horn provides a built-in step-down transformer for use with 25V or 70V paging systems such as Viking models PA-30, PA 60 and PA-250. The transformer has a range of 5 separate switch selectable power taps, which can be used to adjust the volume of each speaker. These higher voltage distributed audio paging systems also have the advantage of being able to connect more speakers using lighter gauge wire runs while having less volume lost in wire resistance. This saves wiring costs compared to 8 ohm systems.


Add additional speakers and coverage areas to existing paging systems such as Viking models:
– PA-30 (DOD 489)
– PA-60 (DOD 493)
– PA-250 (DOD 500)
– PA-250-IP (DOD 501)



  •  5-inch diameter horn
  •  10 Watt power handling
  •  Compatible with 25V or 70V paging systems
  •  Adjustable base for easy mounting and directional adjustment
  •  Compact design for discrete mounting
  •  Five switch selectable power taps
  •  High efficiency
  •  Designed to meet IP53 Ingress Protection rating when mounted with horn pointing downward at least 45 degrees from horizontal


  • Maximum Power : 10 Watts
  • 70V Power Taps: .62W, 1.25W, 2.5W, 5W, 10W
  • 25V Power Taps: .08W, .16W, .31 W, .62W, 1.25W
  • Viking Taps: .16W, .31W, .62W, 1.25W, 2.5W
  • Connection: 12” 22 AWG pigtail wires
  • Dimensions: 5” (127 mm) diameter
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)
  • Frequency Response: 400 Hz to 7,000 Hz