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Expand the Record Time / Names of the AES-2000 or AES-2005

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Product Details

The ERAM-4M Memory Expansion Kit is designed to expand the voice record memory of the AES-2000 or AES-2005 using non-volatile memory. Each kit includes one 28 pin non-volatile memory chip which provides four minutes of record time, equivalent to 75 names. The number of chips required is dependent on the desired number of names. The AES-2000 or AES-2005 is factory configured for 75 names, expandable to accommodate up to 525 names.



  • Environmental: -26° C to 54° C (-15° F to 130° F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Description: (1) 28-pin ERAM chip (4 minutes of record time)