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Vandal Resistant Entry Phone with Built-In Directory, 12 Button Dialer, Video Camera, and Proximity Reader

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Product Details

The K-1275 Entry Phone is a two-way, handsfree telephone with 12 buttons for calling individual residences in an apartment building. The K-1275 apartment entry phone features an integrated analog color video camera and 125 KHz proximity reader. The rugged stainless steel faceplate has a printed directory housed in a waterproof, scratch-resistant lens. Each button is beside the tenants name in the directory so there are no confusing codes to deal with. Calling a particular tenant is as easy as pressing a single button.

The K-1275 has a built-in speed dialer that can handle up to 12 primary phone numbers, each with 22 digits. If there is no answer at the first number, a second number can be called automatically. Once the tenant answers their phone, a single touch tone command can activate the door strike relay. For “no phone line” applications, the K-1275 is compatible with the C-3000 no CO (phone line) controller.

For outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation, use model K-1275-EWP. For more information on Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP), see DOD 859.