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VoIP Stainless Steel Entry IP Phone System with Proximity Reader

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Product Details

The K-1770-IP VoIP entry phones provide a tough and attractive handsfree phone for apartment, and residential door entry or applications requiring a vandal resistant VoIP speakerphone with a built-in 125kHz proximity card reader. The K-1770-IP Series VoIP Entry Phones are designed to provide quick and reliable handsfree communication for SIP VoIP phone systems with PoE. The K-1770-IP VoIP entry phones can be programmed from any PC on the same LAN or remotely using a Static IP Address. The Entry phones can dial up to 250 programmable numbers and read up to 1,000 proximity card numbers. The K-1770-IP Series entry phones are available in two attractive finishes: “brushed stainless steel” and “oil rubbed bronze”.

When a call initiated by the K-1770-IP is answered by an apartment or business tenant, a built-in contact closure may be activated to control an electric gate or door strike. Up to 1,000 keyless entry codes may also be programmed, providing tenants with keyless entry. The K-1770-IP also has a built-in proximity card reader with the capacity to program up to 1,000 card numbers. Keyless entry codes and card numbers can be programmed to only allow access at specific times and/or day of the week. A request for exit (REX) input is included for easy exiting. The K-1770-IP also has automatic call logging allowing you to review the time and date of the call, which door was open/closed, what keyless entry code or proximity card was used, request for exit usage and whether it was an inbound or outbound call.

The K-1770-IP-EWP VoIP entry phone shares all of the features of the K-1770-IP in addition to Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. EWP products feature foam rubber gaskets and boots, sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards. For more information, see DOD# 859.