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Entry Phone with Camera, Proximity Reader, and Enhanced Weather Protection, Bronze Finish

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Product Details

The K-1775-3-BN-EWP entry phone is a tough and attractive speakerphone designed to provide two-way audio communication, color video, and proximity reader entry, ideal for apartment and residential door entry applications. The speakerphone features a built-in high-resolution analog color video camera, 125 kHz proximity reader, microphone and speaker volume controls, selectable auto answer for monitoring and intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up when the call is completed. The proximity reader outputs industry-standard 26-bit Wiegand data, allowing it to be used with a Viking ES-1 door controller or any 26-bit Wiegand compatible controller.

When the “Call” button is pressed, the K-1775-3-BN-EWP entry phone returns dial tone, and the keypad may then be used to dial any number. If no touch-tone is entered within 8 seconds, CPC is detected, a busy signal is detected, or the programmable maximum call time has elapsed, the K-1775-3-BN-EWP will automatically disconnect. Alternatively, the speakerphone may be disconnected by pressing the “Call” button again.

The K-1775-3-BN-EWP is designed to be flush-mounted using the included rough-in box. Surface mount options are also available using one of Viking’s VE-6X7 Series of Surface Mount Boxes.

The K-1775-3-BN-EWP is equipped with Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP), ideal for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. EWP products feature foam rubber gaskets, sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards with internally sealed, field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches for easy on-site programming. For more information, see DOD 859.