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Door Entry and Keyless Entry for up to 250 Apartments or Offices

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Product Details

The K-1900-3 converts any touch tone phone into a multi-number auto dialer that will store up to 250 telephone numbers in non-volatile memory. Use with Viking’s K-1700-3 or K-1900-8 phones to provide vandal resistant handsfree or handset communication.

When a call initiated by the K-1900-3 is answered by an apartment or business tenant, a built-in contact closure may be activated to control an electric gate or door strike. Up to 250 keyless entry codes may also be programmed, providing tenants with keyless entry. In addition, a master keyless entry code and up to five maintenance codes can be programmed.

Calling activity and keyless entry use can be monitored using the log bus data output. The K-1900-3 door entry dialer can be programmed locally or remotely using a standard touch tone phone. The K-1900-3 has built-in user dialing restriction to help prevent unauthorized calls and toll fraud.