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Smart Touch Tone Dialer with Redialing

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Product Details

The K-1900-30 is an automatic dialer that dials a 1-20 digit phone number, and can be programmed to call up to 4 additional phone numbers if the line is busy, or is not answered. The K-1900-30 smart dialer can be used to add the smart dialing features of a Viking model E-30, to other non-dialing entry phones such as the E-10A, E-20B, E-40 series, E-50 series, E-60 series, E-70 series, E-75 series K-1500 series phones, etc.

The K-1900-30 touch tone dialer connects directly to an analog CO line, analog PBX station, or analog FXS port of a VOIP adapter, and works with any analog phone. Touch tone programming can be done locally, or remotely by calling into the unit. A Touch tone identification number can be programmed to help identify the location of the call.

The K-1900-30 will continue to call through the programmed phone numbers one by one until the call is answered, or it can be programmed to limit the number of times it cycles through the phone numbers. User touch tone dialing can be restricted, or allowed for touch tone door strike applications.