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(Discontinued) Automated Voice Message Delivery System

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Product Details

Model K-6000-DVA can automatically notify up to 1000 people of an event or an event cancellation, school or business closing or delayed opening. The K-6000-DVA is designed to connect to a standard analog CO line, PABX station or VoIP ATA or FXS port. To activate the unit, an authorized official calls the K-6000-DVA, dials a 6 digit access code, selects a pre-recorded message or records a live message up to 1 minute, then activates the unit via a touch tone command to automatically call all the phone numbers in a pre-programmed group. Up to 6 groups of phone numbers can be pre-programmed into the unit. Alternatively, activating an “All Call” command calls all pre-programmed numbers.

The K-6000-DVA can also be activated (or cancelled) by up to 8 external momentary push buttons (not included). In the event any called number is busy or doesn’t answer, the unit will retry the unanswered numbers several times (programmable 1-9) after all other numbers are called. The maximum time the line is allowed to ring before calling the next number can be set from 10 to 59 seconds (1 to 10 rings). The unit waits 2 seconds for touch tones after the message is delivered, if a “*” is detected, the message is replayed once. For critical applications, the K-6000-DVA can be programmed to require a positive confirmation – the called party must send a pre-determined touch tone to confirm that the message was received. The K-6000-DVA can be programmed from your PC’s USB or RS-232 port. Note: Delivering a message to 1000 people will take a significant amount of time. To speed up the process, use multiple K-6000-DVA’s and multiple phone lines.


  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Government / community
  • Civic organizations
  • Apartment/office information and notification (ie: snow removal, carpet cleaning, etc.)


  • Non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
  • Stores up to 1000 14-digit numbers
  • Up to 6 groups
  • 6 minutes of total record time (1 minute per input)
  • Eight normally open inputs for push buttons to activate groups 1-6, “All Call” or “Stop”
  • Programmable ring delay for remote programming
  • Call progress detection determines when answered
  • Programmable ringback time for call progress
  • Programmable “retry” limit (1-9) for calls that are busy or don’t answer
  • Remote security and access codes
  • Local or remote programming and recording
  • Program from your PC’s USB or RS-232 port (RS-232 to USB adapter included)
  • Up to 8 K-6000-DVAs can be connected to 1 PC
  • Primary/Secondary mode for multiple levels of K-6000-DVAs
  • Line level input for loading pre-recorded messages into the unit
  • Activity reports available
  • Selectable “Leave Message” or call back feature for compatibility with answering machines
  • Record and forward mode


  • Power: 120V AC/12V DC 500 mA, UL listed adapter provided
  • Dimensions: 211mm x 160mm x 46mm (8.3” x 6.3” x 1.8”)
  • Shipping Weight: 1.02 Kg (2.25 lbs)
  • Environmental: 0°C to 32°C (32°F to 90°F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Talk Battery: 12V DC
  • Touch Tone Dialing: 140 ms on/off
  • CPC Detection Time: 320 ms minimum
  • Message Record Time: 6 messages, 1 minute each
  • Sampling Rate: 64 K (equivalent)
  • Input Detection Time: 80 ms
  • Serial Baud Rate: 57.6K
  • Connections: (1) RJ11 jack for telco connection, (2) 3.5mm jacks for 600-ohm audio output and record in, (1) 9 pin RS-232 for PC connection, (1) 13 position screw terminal block for inputs