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Night Bell Over Paging Adapter

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The K-600F eliminates the installation of multiple bells, relays, and power supplies, wherever night bells, loud ringing, or emergency tones are required. The K-600F provides an existing paging amplifier with a pleasant electronic warble tone each time it receives ring voltage from an analog PABX/KSU extension. The K-600F requires no external power supply and provides a floating 600 ohm audio output. Paging In and Out terminals are provided to allow automatic switching between paging and warble audio when used with an existing paging installation. A set of N.O. / N.C. relay contacts are provided that switch in cadence with the ring signal. Volume and tone controls are also provided.


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Tone Description Preview Download
K-600FWarbleLow Warble Low N/A
K-600FWableMid Warble Mid N/A
K-600FWarbleHigh Warble High N/A