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Long Loop Adapter Extends an Analog Station Loop Length up to 30,000 Feet

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Product Details

The Viking model LLA-1 provides long line and off premise extension (OPX) capabilities for PABX and KSU analog stations, ISDN terminal adapters, channel banks, etc. The long loop adapter converts any low talk battery voltage or weak ringing analog line into a standard 48V line with powerful 20HZ sine wave ring signal.

The LLA-1 is compatible with pulse dialing, touch tone dialing, hook switch flash features, CPC signaling, and Caller ID features. A ground screw terminal allows for improved surge protection and as a earth ground reference for the regenerated line.

The long loop adapter is easy to install, requires no programming, and can be used as a direct replacement for the discontinued Proctor model 46222 long loop adapter.