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Multi-Purpose PC to Phone Line Bridge with Application Software

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Product Details

The PB-100 is used to provide status polling of Viking 1600A Series Emergency Phones or remote programming of AES-2000 Entry Systems. The PB-100 can connect to an unused serial port on your PC or use the included RS-232 to USB converter cable to connected to a USB port. A CD is provided with these two applications along with software for programming other Viking products.

When used to poll 1600A Series Emergency Phones, the application software allows the user to set up a list of phones to call along with a scheduled time for calling. Through the PB-100, each phone can be called, its ID code verified and it’s mic and speaker tested. When finished, the application software logs the time of the call and the results.

When programming an AES-2000, the application software allows the user to manage multiple units with resident’s phone numbers and access codes. By using a standard telephone connected to the PB-100, the recording of each tenant’s name can be done. The software also supports delayed uploading the downloaded statistics.

Note: The PB-100 utilizes an internal modem for programming. This requires an analog phone line or VoIP line with a high quality network connection and non-compressing codec.