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Keypad with Wiegand Output

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Product Details

The PRX-4 Keypad with Wiegand output allows keyless entry for select Viking apartment or office entry systems. The PRX-4 Keypad features standard 26-bit Wiegand interfacing, a metal enclosure with potted electronics and a pigtail connection for indoor or outdoor applications.

The Keypad interfaces with the AES-2000 Accessible Entry System. Up to 32 entry points with PRX-4 Keypads may be added to the AES-2000 by adding ES-3 Controllers. Alternatively, the PRX-4 can be used with the ES-1 Stand Alone Door Entry Controller, and the C-4000 Four Door Entry Controller.

The PRX-4 is equipped with Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. The PRX-4 features a foam rubber gasket, sealed connections, as well as an epoxy potted circuit board. For more information, see DOD 859.