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Professional Telecom Recorder Kit

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Product Details

When used with a standard digital or tape style recorder, the PTR-1 Telecom Recorder can record your telephone conversations. The PTR-1 can be configured to record all conversations on a phone line, only conversations on your phone or only those you wish to record (using the recorder controls). The PTR-1 records both sides of the conversation at approximately the same level. It also works with many digital and electronic key telephone sets.

The PTR-1 kit contains: an interface module, a seven foot recorder cable with 1/8” plugs, a handset “T” adapter, and a modular telephone cord – giving your recorder all the components required to record telephone conversations.

The PTR-1 is designed to work with recorders that have built-in VOX switching and AGC control.


  • Legal communications
  • Avoid misunderstandings and disputes
  • Review conversations
  • Medical advice and instructions
  • Conversations involving insurance, technical, scientific, or government matters, etc.



  • No power required for recorder interface module
  • Works with virtually any tape or digital recorder with VOX and AGC circuits
  • Recorder only runs during conversation
  • Record all conversations on a phone line, only on your phone or only those you wish to record
  • Compact unit is easy to use
  • Both sides of the conversation record at about the same level


  • Power: None
  • Module Dimensions: 2.56″ x 1.38″ x 0.79″ (65mm x 35mm x 20mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs (0.14kg)
  • Environmental: 32°F to 90°F (0°C to 32°C) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Connections: (2) RJ-11 jacks, (1) 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jack