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Control Relay Contacts Across a Local Area Network

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Product Details

The RC-4A Network Enabled Relay Controller provides networked control of four relays via an easy-to-use web interface. The same interface can be used to check the status of four contact closure inputs. Relays can be toggled on or off, or activated for a length of time.

The RC-4A can be configured to work as a remote relay for Viking VoIP series phones, controlling door strikes and gates when a remote relay is required for security reasons. It can also be programmed to send an email or text message in response to a change in one or more of the sensor inputs. Two RC-4A’s can be set up so that activity on a sensor input of one unit will automatically send a message across the network to activate one of the relays on the other unit.

Two levels of user access permit selected users to have full operational and programming rights while others have operational control but not programming capability.