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Infrared Remote Controllable Ceiling Speaker for SA-Series Self-Amplified Overhead Paging System

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Product Details

The Viking model SA-1S is an 8 inch overhead paging system ceiling speaker that has a built-in 1.5-watt power amplifier, an infrared remote control detector, and an integrated digital volume control, all built into an attractive off-white grill for flush mounting in office ceilings. The SA-1S self-amplified paging ceiling speaker uses a proprietary two-wire protocol in which both 40 volts DC power and audio are combined on the same pair of wires. It is designed for direct connection to the Viking Model SA-25 Self Amplified Paging Control unit, or use the Viking model SA-X12 expander/adapter to connect it to virtually any existing paging system.

The SA-1S overhead paging system ceiling speaker includes an infrared receiver to accept volume control signals from a Viking Model SA-IR remote control. Aim the infrared transmitter at the ceiling speaker and press the buttons. The up/down buttons allow users to set the appropriate volume level for each speaker. The ceiling speaker provides an audible “beep” feedback tone to let the user gauge the volume level even when there’s no background music (or page) playing at the time.