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Single Line Paging Speaker Controller with 2 Watt Amplifier

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The SLP-1 Single Line Paging Controller will allow you to page family members or co-workers from any phone in your home or small office. The pages can be hard over the same speakers that are installed for music distribution.

The SLP-1 connects in series with a single existing phone line. The unit has a built-in 2 watt amplifier, pre-amp output, music on hold input, intercom features, and selectable loud ringing. The SLP-1 provides an input for a lighted doorbell switch, allowing a door chime to be heard over existing speakers. Page from several different phone lines by connecting multiple units.


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Tone Description Preview Download
SLP-1Ding Ding N/A
SLP-1DingDong Ding Dong (door chime) N/A
SLP-1HoldBeeps Hold Beeps N/A
SLP-1WarbleC Electronic warble (loud ring) N/A