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Internal Adapter Panel 1 for the VE-9x12

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Product Details

The VE-9x12MK-1 is an internal adapter panel designed to mount specific Viking products inside of the VE-9×12 Enclosure. The VE-9×12 Outdoor Enclosures provide the ultimate in weather protection for your Viking product or other telecom devices.


Compatible with the following surface mount Viking products:

  • E-20B and E-20B-EWP
  • E-20-IP and E-20-IP-EWP
  • E-1600A and E-1600A-EWP
  • E-1600-IP and E-1600-IP-EWP
  • E-1600-03B and E-1600-03B-EWP
  • E-1600-03-IP and E-1600-03-IPEWP
  • E-1600-40A and E-1600-40A-EWP
  • E-1600-40-IP and E-1600-40-IPEWP
  • E-1600-45A and E-1600-45A-EWP
  • E-1600-45-IP and E-1600-45-IPEWP
  • E-1600-60A and E-1600-60A-EWP
  • E-1600-60-IP and E-1600-60-IPEWP
  • E-1600-65A and E-1600-65A-EWP
  • E-1600-65-IP and E-1600-65-IPEWP
  • K-1500P-D and K-1500P-D ASH
  • K-1500P-W and K-1500P-W ASH
  • K-1900D-2 and K-1900D-2 ASH
  • K-1900W-2 and K-1900W-2 ASH
  • W-2000A and W-2000A-EWP
  • X-1605 and X-1605-EWP



  • Material: 12 gauge aluminum
  • Finish: Black powder paint
  • Minimum Internal Clearance: 5.75″ x 10.0″ x 5.25″