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Timed Alert Tones and Relay Control with Viking’s Model CTG-1A

HUDSON, WI – November 13, 2018

Viking’s CTG-1A produces scheduled alert tones over an existing paging system, and can also operate relays at specific times.

“Time is an invaluable commodity and keeping to a schedule increases productivity. The CTG-1A is a productivity tool and you will see results.” – Bill H. President, Viking Electronics

The CTG-1A is a clock-based scheduling unit that can produce single, double or triple bong/buzzer alert tones, or the unit can latch and unlatch two form C relay contacts at pre-programmed event times. Two switchable schedules each store up to 128 pre-programmed events. Three trigger inputs have pre-loaded sounds for on-demand playback of an Evacuation Whoop, an Emergency Siren, or a doorbell chime. A 600 Ohm audio output can send tones to a paging amplifier for playback over a public address system.

An easy to use programming interface on the chassis of the CTG-1A allows users to quickly program events, the day of the week and time of day. The CTG-1A time syncs with AC power for accuracy and a Daylight Savings Time switch adds an hour to the current time when turned on. Event times and tone selection are set from the same on-chassis interface. Dip switches determine if the CTG-1A will produce bong or buzzer tones, operate in “send tones” mode or “timed relay’ mode, and which schedule of events is active.

For more information on the CTG-1A, visit: https://vikingelec17.wpengine.com/products/ctg-1a/

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