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Viking Electronics Introduces the PAN-1A Door Phone Station Adapter

HUDSON, WI – February 20, 2019 – Viking’s attractive E-series entry phones are now able to utilize powerful features available on Panasonic door phone station cards.

“Customers can utilize the features offered on a Panasonic door card with a reliable Viking entry phone.” – Joanne Minke, Viking Electronics Product Specialist

Replace Panasonic door phone models KX-T30865 and KX-T7775 by using the PAN-1A and one of Viking’s E-Series entry phones. Simply connect the PAN-1A between the Panasonic door phone/door opener card and your E-Series phone of choice. The PAN-1A can also be used with non-Viking entry phones designed to work on analog extension/FXS ports.

Use the PAN-1A for applications where a Viking Electronics entry phone is preferred, in applications demanding increased reliability, and applications where a more attractive entry phone is desired.

Viking’s E-series entry phones are available in multiple colors, chassis and sizes. Surface and flush mount options are available. Additional features such as color video cameras and proximity readers are available for select models. Each E-series entry phone is available with Viking’s Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) option for increased weather resistance and lifespan in harsh or exposed environments.

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